Okay, let's move on to a more difficult subject: porn. Everyone knows it, would never read it, and yet it sells like crazy. And porn? Ugh! Well, I ventured into this topic because at some point years ago I came across someone who works in this industry. Over the years, I heard funny stories from him from time to time and at some point I asked him if we could do some kind of uninhibited home story. Sure we could! And so last week I pressed an inconspicuous bell in a middle-class apartment building in Lneburg and was welcomed by two really nice people. She - GinaBlow - has a website with the same title and he - very strong upper arms - is her "roommate". I get coffee from him and he locks the four cats away - because of my cat hair allergy. Gina is just getting ready for the live show 3 pm is the start and I can be there and take pictures. Before that we chat

A VR webcamgirl interview

Should I say Gina or Susie? Whatever you want. My name is Lady. Many people know my real name, I have no problem with it. Okay, then I say Lady. The first stupid question: What do you do for a living? Haha. I used to be a chef but in the hotel I write "photo and image editing" under "profession". But I also have no problem to say that I am a camgirl. "Camgirl" please give me two or three ideas how that looks likeWell, I get undressed in front of a webcam. You can talk to me while doing it, chat, tell me about your troubles and tell me what you want to see. On average, I'm online about five times a week, 3:00 to midnight

Is it really fun for a camgirl?

Ok, first of all sounds like a profitable business model forgive me for asking: is this seriously fun? Oh, yes, and I think that's what sets me apart from a lot of other camgirls. I'm having a lot of fun. You get to know different characters every day and every day is different. One wants to have a coffee and chat with you in the cam and the other wants you to finger yourself. Then you finger yourself and then the next one comes and tells you that he has run over a squirrel and is therefore very sad. Poor squirrel! But what do you have to do with it - especially naked? It doesn't matter. He's sad and wants someone to listen to him. And what am I paying you for once to listen to "Run over a squirrel"? Depending on it starts at about 1 Coin (one Euro) per minute and depending on what you want more: To hear me, to hear him, to see him, to record the show. Ok, stopforgive me, I'm probably a little ignorant but what's the upside of you seeing me? There are men who get turned on by watching them jerk off, stick things up their ass or hurt themselves. There are couples that get turned on by watching them fuck. Sometimes people send me porn and we watch it together sometimes they want me to put on boxing gloves. I don't dare to ask what was the worst guy who tried to cut off his nipples with rose petals. No! Holy shit! And did he do it?? Thank God he didn't! There are things I don't do which are? No fisting, no golden shower, no caviar and no user meetings. The good thing about this job is that no one touches you not directly. The dildo control is like an in-between area.

Teledildonics on webcams

I have a dildo that is connected via USB and the guest can adjust it that is also available in the other direction for men then I jerk him off. Hmm, sounds conclusive. And an indiscreet question: Can you still lead a normal sex life with all this theatre? God, what's normal? Sure I have my preferences, but compared to what I'm often confronted with, I'd call it normal I live in an open relationship with him here(points to the guy with the sporty upper arms, who sits next to me) that's my roommate and soldier and sometimes we have fun together. Okay, admittedly, I have some weird images of your "guests" in my head right now. You want to straighten that out? Yeah, yeah - it's not a big deal. You'll find my guests all through their shifts. Singles, couples, fat, thin, pretty, less pretty it's all there Especially a lot of family fathers who go home to a good life. Sundays are the busiest - and on holidays - Christmas Eve for example: You can look at your watch. I just sit here and wait for the presents. When the children and wives have gone to bed with their spirits up. Oh God! Really? I'm probably too stupid to understand. But seriously. Right now, you're young. You can't do this forever, can you? Theoretically, yes I have some colleagues who are 50 or so You know, it's what I enjoy doing. I can manage my time and believe it or not, it's what I want to do right now. And how did your parents react when they found out what you were doing? My mother told me I was old enough and my father asked me where he could get the porn. Ha ha! Good reaction! And the household here? You live here in a very middle-class apartment building. Do they know what's going on? Not at the moment. I want to have my car foiled soon, at the latest then they'll know but in the end it's just to see me naked You don't have to overestimate that. Granted, sometimes there are moments when I get insulted. Meanwhile I don't let that get to me anymore and I just smile it away. Sure, I do not have the biggest bust, there are other camgirls who have more. There I also like to pass on sometimes Susi goes into the next room, turns on the light, logs in and is fully present She does what is wanted and she really seems to enjoy it. Often there's a "please" and a "thank you" and "see you soon".

Do camgirls actually organize themselves?

And do you all call yourselves "camgirls" or rather "webcam girls"? Are there forums where you can exchange information about providers, tricks and tips, maybe also about customers? I don't think that camgirls organize themselves among themselves, they see themselves more as competitors. Actress is the term used by portal operators and that's why I use it. I have no idea how the others call themselves. There are few forums where you can exchange information. You only get access if you can prove that you are really posting on a portal. But there is not much going on there and there is less exchange about customers, but more about providers, technical problems etc. Apart from your job in front of the webcam, what was the worst job you ever did, what was the best? And where does broadcasting come in between? The worst and the shortest job I ever had was a temp job in a drugstore. 15 hours a week was a contract. But it was expected to be practically a full-time job with equal pay. No training. The tone left something to be desired. After a week, I said goodbye politely On the other hand, the time at a reception was nice, where there was not much going on and I could comfortably study for a fee. It is very difficult for me to classify the job in front of the webcam, as it is completely different from everything else I have done so far. In contrast to other jobs, sending is limited in time. I don't think that I will still be in front of the cam at 60. Therefore I rather see the time in the chat as an exciting episode in my life, which brings a little bit of money into the cash box on the side. This is also the first job I can't tell everybody about, because I can guess the reaction of some people. Half of my relatives would fall off their chairs if I told them what I do. That's why I blog as well. In the blog I can tell a lot of things that I experience. But there are limits there too. Some things I deliberately don't tell because I can't know if a part of my readership is underage. Hhmm I think this job is on an extra track and can't be classified for me.

The first professional VR webcam chat

Yes very well. One of my first blog entries is about it. I was very excited and the first visitor had the wish to see me in a swimsuit. One of the most frequently asked questions is "Doesn't it bother you that someone might recognize you in the supermarket? So I just ask those too. Does that bother you? After all, you like to write about your double life on your blog. That was one of the first questions I asked myself before I started posting. What if someone recognizes me? Would I care a lot? I don't really think about it that much anymore. Before the cam I look strangely different, much younger. I also get a different styling. In real life, for example, I rarely use make-up, have different hair, etc. Of course it can still happen that someone recognizes me. But the person who would see me would have to admit where he knows me from. I think that many people would be inhibited to tell this openly. That someone would log in with me who already knew me before would be possible, but it is very unlikely. You have to take a small risk in this job. Honestly, I think anyone who would meet me in real life might be disappointed if I didn't turn out to be a sexpot. The topic of sex has been around since time immemorial and basically webcam portals are just the modern version of the former peepshows. However, sex and pornography also moves the internet, technological developments are often first successfully used by providers in this field. Have you ever thought about where all this might go, are you interested? You've been reading about USB vibrators that can be controlled via the net etc. for a long time now, and even if that makes you smile instead of panting: Can you imagine that it's not just about seeing and showing via the net, but about more?

Remote-controlled vibrators

Yes, of course I'm interested in where all this might lead to, but honestly I can only guess. If I knew that, maybe I would try to get involved myself. But for the near future I'm thinking primarily of remote-controlled vibrators. Once they are technically mature, then this topic will certainly play a role. I have to admit that I would love to try this, to "remote control" someone. I imagine myself fiddling around with a joystick or something and on the other hand, with the help of a few bytes and a little bit of electricity, I trigger feelings But if you like it Will it one day be about more than seeing and showing? What could that be? Many people are always looking for that special kick, no matter if it is in the erotic, fashionable, sportive or other area. I have the feeling that many things are becoming more and more extreme. And when I then notice that many young women simply put nude photos or videos on the net for everyone, then I feel completely different. But who knows once the taboo boundary is really crossed and the technology is exhausted, maybe one day there will be a turnaround and people will long more for real human communication.

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